International Films about Migration

A Syrian Love Story

2015 ⋅United Kingdom⋅76 minutes


2001⋅Argentina⋅75 minutes

Fire at Sea

2016⋅Italy⋅108 minutes


2006⋅UK/China⋅96 minutes

La Pirogue

2012⋅Senegal⋅87 minutes

Once You’re Born You Can No Longer Hide

2015⋅Italy⋅115 minutes

The Golden Dream

2013⋅Mexico⋅102 minutes

The Hop

2002⋅Belgium⋅104 minutes

The Visitor

2007⋅US⋅103 minutes

Vita Activa

2015⋅Israel/Canada⋅132 minutes


2009⋅France⋅110 minutes

Integration Dramas

Bend it like Beckham

2002⋅UK⋅112 minutes

Inch Allah Dimanche

2001⋅Algeria⋅96 minutes

My Beautiful Laundrette

1985⋅UK⋅97 minutes

Tea in the Harem

1985⋅France⋅110 minutes